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Tanzania Destinations


Tarangire National Park


“This park fulfils every African fantasy, a hide brown expanse where Baobob trees rise like fat twisted claws and birds of prey gather in the umbrella acacias.”  T. Perrottet, author.


tarangire bottom bar.jpg

Tarangire is an often-overlooked jewel in Tanzania’s crown of spectacular wildlife parks. It is classic Africa, with all your visions of Africa rolled up into one. If you had to choose only one place to visit, this might be the place. Tarangire is mostly an open savannah park, dotted with amazing baobob trees. In the wet season it is green and lush, but in the dry season the grasses turn the color of a lions fur, and the baobob trees drop their leaves to create startling silhouettes against the setting sun. The dry season is the best time for game viewing, because the wildlife stay close to the river, and the lion prides take up residence there to wait for their prey.


Tarangire also has an excellent wildlife lodge built on the top of a hill over looking the Tarangire River that flows through the park. For those how wish to relax on the lodge’s expansive veranda, you can spend the whole day watching the wildlife below without ever leaving the lodge.

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