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"I've always wanted to go to Africa!"

It's something I hear from a lot of folks I talk to. If you too have always wanted to go on a safari but weren't quite sure how go about it, we can help!  We offer quality affordable Safaris to wildlife areas and special destinations in East Africa. Because we are a small company and focus exclusively on Tanzania and East Africa, we are able to offer authentic custom and group safaris with personal attention to each of our guests.

If you love wildlife and unspoiled natural beauty, you will find it in abundance in Tanzania. Our safaris emphasize fun and adventure, meeting new people, and visiting places that leave you in wonder. This is the way for you to visit Africa feeling safe and prepared and ready for adventure.

When ever possible our safaris are led personally by me, and the places we visit are the places I have discovered myself fromyears of living and working in East Africa, as a wildlife biologist, teacher and professional guide.  Whatever your interests, from wildlife photo safaris,  Mt. Kilimanjaro treks, or Zanzibar Island beach safaris, let us share our love of Tanzania and East Africa with you.


Dr. Phil Giovannini, Blue Moon Safaris

What our clients say:

The Safari was a trip of a lifetime! We were amazed over and over again. It seemed that every time we rounded a bend, there was another herd of animals. We’ll never forget our first day in the Serengeti as we drove from the landing strip to our tents –we saw 17 different species (yes, we kept count)! The trip far exceeded our expectations. We appreciated being well taken care of by you, our driver-guides and others who participated in our care and feeding. The parks we visited and the places we stayed were well chosen, each unique and interesting. We particularly enjoyed visiting the Maasai, the Bushmen, and the Datoga people in their own villages. We appreciated their welcoming songs and dances as well as their willingness to let us see how they lived their daily lives. We’ve been reliving our trip as we share our pictures with our friends – and we tell them to definitely check out Blue Moon Safaris. We certainly have an expanded view of how our own, and many other, species live on this earth solving the basic problems of survival. Thank you so much for this wonderful experience!

Jean and George R., 2004

I had an absolutely fantastic time during the safari; words cannot describe the experience and do it justice. I have been telling all my friends about it and telling them that they should all go and if they do to let me know and I will recommend the safari company I used. One of the things that I especially appreciated was the successful integration of the cultural aspect to the safari. Among all the incredible experiences that we had, I found the chance to mountain bike one of the most memorable, especially on the way back from Kilimanjaro. It was absolutely breathtaking to be riding through the villages directly toward the beautiful golden sunset exploding with hues of pink, purple and orange. And the backdrop of the trees, little huts, children herding cows home, the little farms, etc. even now, thinking of it evokes such a feeling of happiness.

Jin Jin, Nov 2004

The trip to Tanzania will remain a defining experience for me too, and we were just lucky that all had been thought in advance so carefully! The "crescendo" from start to finish was well set-up, as each day was very different. The whole trip was very well balanced between wildlife, landscape and cultural activities. These two weeks really triggered stunning and life changing experiences for all of us. What a very rare privilege to live and discover all that at a young age!!

Chris, R.  2007

   I would like to thank you again for a fantastic trip to Tanzania. We saw and did pretty much everything we had hoped to do. The itinerary          was perfect. We would not have changed any of it. I am so pleased to have witnessed the great migration, it was an extraordinary wildlife        highlight. I was surprised, while during the trip, I found myself writing in my travel journal "I thought I came to Africa for the wildlife". I found,    however, I was more deeply interested in African culture and people.

   Africa does it's part, but we agree that people do enhance the safari significantly. I'd like to complement you on the great crew you put            together. Julius and the camp crew did a fantastic job. We had such fun traveling with Emma, Akyoo, Fadhili and Jackson. As well as            being able and informative, they are warm, friendly, delightful companions, a pleasure to get to know. You've got your weight in gold with          that group. (Oh yes, the safari leader was quite good company, as well.)

    L. U. Feb. 2005 Migration Safari
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