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Surf ‘n Safari Adventure


From the white sands of Zanzibar to the heart of the Serengeti


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This schedule is a description of a 13- day African Journey from the tropical beaches of Zanzibar to the Serengeti Plains and the northern wildlife ecosystems of Tanzania. Due to the vagarities of real life, what you actually experience may be a bit different than this, but this description will give you a pretty good idea of what you can expect. We have designed this itinerary personally to combine an island adventure with the best of the northern Tanzanian wildlife ecosystems. The safari is a combination lodge and camping safari designed as a group exploration of wildlife, island culture and environment, combining a bit of adventure with a bit of luxury and a whole lot of fun. 


Our trip begins with four nights on the Islands of Zanzibar. In the minds of most people, Zanzibar is more a mythical land than a real place. The 800,000 people living on this archipelago, the original Spice Islands, are part of an ancient culture unique to coastal East Africa. Indeed, the Swahili coast, and especially Zanzibar, is an incredible melting pot of the dozens of seafaring peoples who have plied the waters of the Indian Ocean—the Persians, Portuguese, Indians, Omanis, and British—just to mention the arrivals in the last 1,000 years.


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Although Zanzibar is world famous for its beaches, many experienced travelers there feel that beach life is but a small part of the visit. Experiencing the multi-ethnic cultural diversity the grace and kindness of the local people; and the natural beauty of the island are all part of the exotic charms of the island. Many visitors find their real element shopping and bargaining in the bazaar atmosphere of Stonetown, finding exotic treasure they never thought of, for next to nothing. 



Safari Style


This safari is designed for active people of any age who are interested in a unique group safari experience. The safari’s emphasis is on being close to the land, close to the people and close to the culture, as this is what a true African safari is all about. For adventurous people, there are no disadvantages to this approach, only advantages. Although our safaris are comfortable and at times “luxurious,” they are planned and designed to emphasize the quality and depth of the experience, rather than simply to maximize luxury.


“This safari style is not the Love Boat, but neither is it Survivor

…it’s more like Gilligan’s Island!”


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This safari will involve both accommodations in first-class lodges as well as classic African camping in beautiful wild and pristine locations. Camping will be in full-size classic African tents, with beds, hot showers and sit-down toilets.


Transportation will be primarily by well-equipped four-wheel drive Land Rover or Land Cruiser safari vehicles, with on-board radio communication. The road conditions, although generally good and constantly improving, can sometimes be rough, dusty, muddy or even underwater.


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We will often spend a good deal of time together in our safari vehicles, especially when changing locations. While in a particular location, however, we are generally free to relax on our own, and in fact, all activities described in this itinerary should be considered optional. Anyone who wants to take a break from the group to kick back and read a book under a tree while the camp crew makes some popcorn is welcome. 


The nature of this safari will require us to be together as a group for an extended period, and participants should enjoy being part of, and contributing to, a group experience. If you are a “people person” and have an easy going and adventurous spirit, we can almost guarantee the trip of a lifetime -- if not, there are more individual safaris that we can arrange for you.


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When we do have to make a certain fixed schedule, we rely on the group to help things go smoothly. We can also expect, however, that in spite of the best teamwork and planning there will inevitably be times when things don’t go according